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What You Should Know about the Top Property Hotspots in the UK for 2019

The United Kingdom has always had a lot to offer when it comes to property investments, and any investor looking to make a profit with rental property and other kinds of property investments would do well to keep abreast of what’s going on in the country – including where to find the most lucrative property deals. And whilst a city like London will always have the lion’s share of property investments in the UK, there are now other areas which it may be worth taking a second (closer) look at. Here, then, is what you should know about the top property hotspots in the UK for 2019.

  • Stevenage

The area of Stevenage has become one of the top property hotspots in the UK for one main reason: its proximity to the city of London. But there are other reasons now why Stevenage has gained attention amongst property investors: the continued increase in property prices in the area, which has already gained significant growth in 2017. There is now a direct train from Stevenage to King’s Cross, and this bodes equally well for the area in the coming years, especially since it is now where the headquarters of Google is located. In the next few years, Stevenage will become even better connected as the Great Northern railway is now undergoing an extension to connect to the area and other London stations such as London Bridge and Farringdon and even Brighton and Gatwick Airport.

  • Slough

Undoubtedly, there are many fantastic connections in Slough, and since it is in the Thames Valley, it has gained the distinction of being labelled a city of the future. Slough boasts more than 4600 business organisations within the area, and this includes multinationals such as Honda, O2, Ferrari, and Unilever. Slough remains a convenient place for young professionals, but with the coming of Crossrail, it is going to be even more of a transit hotspot. The journey time from Slough to Canary Wharf and Liverpool Street will shorten with the addition of Crossrail, so more young professionals will certainly be attracted to the area. More former London residents are moving to Slough and renting flats as well, which is definitely a good sign.

  • Redbridge

As an outer borough of London, Redbridge has recently become more popular, as confirmed by the London property experts from Gerald Eve. It has its share of suburban locations like Woodford, but it also offers a range of high-quality schools, excellent transport links, and gorgeous parks. Since Redbridge is on the central line, its properties afford the best investment for investors and property prices in the area are rising as we speak.

  • Manchester

Moving on to places outside of London, Manchester is another city which has received a lot of attention from property investors. The city of Manchester plays a key role in the Northern Powerhouse project of the government, and it is now the home of several key companies such as Barclaycard, RBS, and HSBC. Many investors from outside the UK also prefer Manchester, with German investors declaring it the best city outside London when it comes to investments.

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