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What is future of free trading in India ?

The first instance of the establishment of stock market in India started with the BSE or the Bombay Stock Exchange in the year 1875. Indian Stock Market has undergone rapid changes and growth over the last few decades and it has been the best performing and fastest growing stock market in the world. Still the mode of share and stock trading is in the traditional lines and involves the buying of shares from stock brokers directly and monitoring the stocks carefully over the course of the day. This is not practical for people who have a day job and people who invests on stocks as a way of earning some extra cash.

For the people who are wondering about what is the future of free trading in India should consider the impact it has had in other countries. Free trading has become popular in many places like the United States where people with day jobs found a way to build a fortune by day trading. The introduction of day trading has opened a possibility for any person with a knack of processing data and forecasting stock changes based on that data to reach new heights and earn a comfortable living.

One can start his first steps to his journey to become a stock trader from the comfort of their own home. All you need is a trading account and a reliable and strong internet service to start free trading. Trading accounts are simple to start and maintain. There are various attractive schemes that are offered by various stock broking firms such as Angel Broking. All a person needs to start a trading account is an ID Card, PAN Card and Aadhaar Card. The process takes about 3-4 days depending on the firm and you can start free trading almost immediately after starting an account.

The hassles of traditional stock broking practices are removed and due to the advancements in the field of computing and data processing has made free trading easy for even beginners. Firms such as Angel Broking and others supply their trading account holders access to sophisticated and efficient stock prediction and forecasting models which process large amount of data based on stocks to give you an edge over others. Till today, the number of persons who hold a trading account is low and most of the online trading applications and websites are too complex for an unexperienced person to comprehend. There is a much confusion among people on the concept of free trading practices which is inhibiting the growth of free trading in India.

  There are also reasons to look forward to as the popularity of free trading is increasing and more and more people are buying stocks online. Numerous banks in India like ICICI bank and Kotak Mahindra have introduced trading ad demat accounts due to the increase in its popularity in the recent years. The number of people into day trading is set to rise exponentially in the future and economists feels that the number of people free trading will bring much needed boost to the economy of the region which is similar to that observed in the United States. The future is full of hope for free trading and with little more education in this field could mean the difference.

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